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Located At:
1 Millpond Rd. #8
Simsbury, CT 06070

Bird and Bee Wellness, Advanced Massage Therapy For a Functional Lifestyle

Why the name Bird and Bee?...

My mom owned a restaurant when I was little. She creatively combined my sister's name and my name to call her little luncheonette Collissa's Country Kitchen.

There are two things that I love more than wellness, more than anything on this earth... my children. Brandon, my B Man (Bee) and Jaidyn, my little Jai-bird. It took me 13 years to decide on the name for my business. I wanted something that represents the magnitude of love for what I do.  I also wanted to honor my beautiful Mother and sister (Melissa means Honey Bee).

So there you have it...

Bird and Bee Wellness.

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